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Learn the latest global boardroom best practices. Gain the tools you need to create an effective board. First-person case histories and exercises that take you “inside the boardroom”.
The Economic Times Boardroom Strategy Forum
The board of directors is a fundamental element of corporations worldwide. Often, though, “best practices” for boards remain undeveloped, poorly implemented, and sometimes even subverted. The Economic Times Boardroom Strategy Forum delivers an intense two-day training seminar on the tools you will need to shape your board into a powerful, professional fiduciary..... read more
You will learn about the following at “The Economic Times Boardroom Strategy Forum”:
  • What is effective corporate governance? A review of current best practice codes from local regulators and the world’s major NGOs and professional groups, as well as standards and regulation for Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • Meeting the fiduciary responsibilities of directors for risk, for controls, for investors.
  • How does the board build effective relationships with management, auditors, regulators, shareholders, etc.?
  • Shaping strong board leadership, committees and information systems.
  • How do boards deal with special challenges (founding family matters, government directives, nepotism, lack of independence, corruption, investigations, etc.)?
  • How do smart boards handle risk management, strategic planning, succession, M&A, shifting government policies, foreign exchange risks, etc.?
  • Crafting excellent board meetings, agendas, discussions, procedure and scheduling.
  • How can your board deal with actual governance problems (boardroom battles, poor leadership, factions, self-dealing, company crises and non-contributing members)?